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Inside the Big Ring

Apr 13, 2021

In this podcast, Coach Steve talks through an athlete's early season training to IRONMAN Wisconsin who has ambitions and ability to Kona Quallify.

Mar 31, 2021

In this podcast Coach Steve talks about his experience with Block Periodization, his workouts and structure for the block. 

Also talks about swim bike and run testing

Mar 17, 2021

Where did this come from!? Ben Kaunte comes on the podcast to talk through his epic finish at Challenge Miami! 

We talk through his race at Challenge Miami, how the race played out racing some of the best in the world and finishing on the podium with Jan Frodeno and Lionel Sanders

Mar 11, 2021

Here we go, another big one on the schedule! Coach Jason and Steve talk through the race!

Feb 4, 2021

In this podcast, Coach Jason and I talk through "OFF Season" or Pre Season... and our thoughts on it. The type of workouts and phases to work through. 


Hope you enjoy!